JORD Wood Watches Part II: Men’s Watches

JORD Wood Watches Part II: Men’s Watches

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A few weeks back, I shared a review of my wood watch made by JORD. I absolutely love this timepiece and frequently work it into my everyday looks. My husband, who is also my photographer, was intrigued by my watch from the beginning and really liked it. I wasn’t surprised, because my husband has done some woodworking in the past so it seemed right up his alley. So when JORD reached out for a second collaboration, Battle was very excited to be receiving his own unique watch!


Men's Wood Watch


Battle chose the Dover series Koa & Black watch. This masculine design is beautiful and features a full view of the gears of the watch turning-perfect for those with a mind that yearns to figure out how things work! One of the best features of this watch is that it doesn’t require any batteries and is completely self-powered. If you’ve ever had to replace a watch battery before, you know what a big deal this is! The quality of the watches from this company are so high, and of course they are just gorgeous.


Battle loves his watch and has been wearing it for nice occassions and date nights ever since he got it in the mail. He’s a jeans and boots kind of guy, and the vibe of this watch it perfect for that kind of look. I managed to convince him to pose for a few pictures featuring his watch, but I think he definitely prefers to be on the other side of the camera!


Men's Wood Watch Jeans

Wood Watch Button Down

JORD Watch Southern Point Company

Wood Chopping Wood Watch

JORD Dover Koa & Black

JORD Wood Watch Dover Series



There are so many great watch options from JORD. If you’re trying to come up with the perfect unique gift for a man in your life for the holidays, consider checking out JORD! To help you out with this, we are offering a giveaway for a $75 gift card, and you can enter here. Get your holiday shopping done early by entering the giveaway! Contest ends on November 27!


*This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches.




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    I love JORD watches! This would be the perfect gift for my husband!

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    Jord watches are amazing and so unique! I love them as well!

    Thank you for sharing!


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